Sometime during the year an adventure race takes place in the Utrecht area: De Utrex.

Four hours of running, cycling, canoeing and map reading. The race is challenging for experienced adventure racers, suitable for novice adventurers who can suffer and a good preparation for the BOTS.

The utrex info in general:

Starts at ~7:00 PM

Finish at 11:00 PM (15-30 minutes cycling from the station, so teams from outside Utrecht can easily catch the last train)
Teams of 2
Register in advance
Cost ~20 per team
Max 20 teams

The Utrex is an adventure race. You race through nature reserves around Utrecht by running, cycling and canoeing. Together with your teammate you try to score as many points as possible. In between there are special assignments.
The race is about speed, but just cycling and running won’t get you there. You have to navigate with a map, keep an eye on the time and determine your strategy.
This edition is special for beginners and first years, but we have also made sure that it is special for the more experienced racers

What is an adventure race?

An adventure race is a kind of treasure hunt. Each team receives a map of the area, determines its own route and tries to collect as many checkpoints as possible.
From the starting point you race to the first change point. You look on the map where you can find the checkpoints, you determine your route along all the points you want to reach, and you make sure you get to the exchange point on time.
That was the first stage. You do one stage by bike, the other by running. Sometimes there are stages that you have to complete in a different way. You sometimes come across special tasks between the stages. You can earn extra points for this.
It is important that you cycle or walk quickly, but navigating is just as important. A small navigation error can cost you a lot of time. This is adventure racing in a nutshell.

Mandatory material

Please note, the mandatory material may still change. Check the website or info email a week before the race.

– City bike or mountain bike (not a racing bike). If you ride a city bike, make sure it is in good condition. At least 30 km are covered by bike, some of which are forest paths.
– Bicycle helmet
– Compass (1 per team)
– Towel (1 per team)
– Light on your bike (front and rear)
– Light on your helmet (headlamp)
– Repair kit and spare inner tube (make sure you can replace a flat tire independently)

– Raincoat
– Pen (felt-tip pen can also be useful)
– Rescue blanket (minimum 1 per team)
– Enough food and drink to last 4 hours

Rules of the game

Please note, the rules of the game may still change. Check the website or info email a week before the race.

– Team members must always stay within 50 meters of each other
– Always arrive together at a checkpoint or exchange point
– Too late at a change point: stage not completed
– The use of smartphones or GPS is not permitted.

– Take the environment into account at all times. Obey traffic rules, do not leave litter behind and do not enter private property.


– Bring a card sleeve
– If you don’t have a mountain bike: avoid small forest paths (the shortest path is not always the fastest)