Want to add a spectacular element to your anniversary, grand opening, new construction completion or event? Then call in the USAC Stunt Team!

Who are we?

The USAC Stuntteam is part of the Utrecht Student Alpine Club (USAC). The USAC is an association that practices climbing at all levels; from mountain hiking to alpine touring and from sport climbing in the Ardennes to tour skiing trips in the Alps. Our association has officially certified climbing instructors and course leaders and is affiliated with the umbrella mountain sports association in the Netherlands, the NKBV.

The USAC Stuntteam is active at events, such as the opening of companies or buildings, at anniversaries, demonstrations and so on. The USAC Stuntteam can be hired by individuals and companies. We are active throughout the Netherlands!

The USAC Stuntteam has performed many stunts over the years. Examples include abseiling a residential tower in Eindhoven, hanging banners on the Dom and climbing the facades of the public library in Utrecht and the university library at the Uithof. These stunts were all successful, enthusiastically received by clients and bystanders, and attracted the attention of many people.

What can the USAC Stunt Team do for you?

The USAC stunt team performs stunts with the theme of “height,” “descent” and “climb. Within that theme, many things are possible by mutual agreement. A few examples of the stunts and possibilities the USAC Stunt Team has to offer:
– Abseiling from buildings or objects (descending along a rope)
– Guiding participants abseiling from an object or building
– Building a zip line and guiding participants down it
– Climbing a building
– Spectacular unveiling of a banner
– Abseiling with a banner
– Performing an activity in disguise, whether or not in combination with releasing balloons, throwing confetti, etc.

We are of course open to your questions and suggestions and can think of further possibilities in consultation with you.


The USAC Stunt Team works exclusively with licensed and experienced climbing instructors. We are not a company: our instructors operate on a voluntary basis and with no personal profit motive. All proceeds from a stunt benefit the USAC. In all our activities, the safety of participants and bystanders is paramount!

The cost of a stunt is variable and depends, among other things, on the number of instructors needed, the amount of equipment, what kind of stunt is done and where it is performed.


You can contact the USAC Stunt Team via email or call the chairperson of the stunt team.

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