At the USAC you can climb, have drinks, organize Utrecht-Freyr’s, but also set up social projects. This is about a sports social project in which we are collaborating with USAC, an elementary school and Stichting Move.

Who is this ‘Move Foundation’…?

Move pairs children from underprivileged neighborhoods with students. In a short-term project, they get to know each other’s worlds and the children figure out how to improve their own neighborhoods. Students help realize these plans and together with the children give their neighborhood a boost. In this way, we let children discover that they can change the world.

What will be happening?

The project is organized in such a way that an introductory meeting first takes place at the office of the MOVE Foundation. Together with the committee you will look at the time schedule. Three to five district lessons will be given at the children’s school. These lessons revolve around a social theme. In addition, the kids will visit the USAC for one or two climbing sessions, always fun climbing kids! Gradually, during the district classes, we work toward a concrete project together with the children. Eventually the kids present the project at a celebration day.

Move is an incredibly dynamic committee that interacts with many different playful parties. The children give a colorful and active twist to the project.