For exchange students: good news! Joining USAC is possible throughout the whole year – as long as you study at UU/HU, and already have an Indoor Toprope climbing licence. It is however recommended to join at the start of the academic year, so you can take full advantage of the introduction period. If you do not have a climbing certificate, this is also the time that you can get one. Please send an email to the Ab Actis if you would like to apply:

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Welcome! If you are studying in Utrecht and interested in joining our student mountaineering club you will have to enroll in our introduction period. On this page you can find important dates as well as some information about the membership costs. It is really helpful if you attend the required introductory activities. If you have any trouble to enroll in certain activities you can contact the ab actis ( You can enroll on this page from January 9 until January 31. If you have any trouble you can e-mail the ab-actis, but try to fill in the form as best as you can. Exchange students that are already skilled climbers have the option to enroll at other times during the year. However, if USAC has already reached the maximum capacity of members it can happen that it becomes impossible to register at a later date.

Important dates introduction period spring 2023:

Below are all the dates of the spring 2024 induction period. Put them all in your calendar because they are all mandatory.

  • Januari 9 until Januari 31: you can register on the home-page of the website. A weighted draw will be held to choose between applicants. We will then pay extra attention to whether you are a student, what your age is, your climbing experience (if any), your potential to become a climbing instructor, your attendance at introductory activities and your motivation. Please note, if you for example have no climbing experience whatsoever, it does not immediately mean that you cannot become a member!
  • februari 6 +- 16:30  Intro climbing @ Klimmuur Utrecht
  • februari 8 : Results weighted draw
  • februari 12 +- Somewhere between 10:00 – 16:00 visit: Sign up @ Pnyx (Princetonplein 9)
  • februari 14 +- 19:00 – 21:00+: Introcafé (Information evening)
  • March 5, 16:30 Speeddate Climbing @ Klimmuur Utrecht
  • March 9-10 : Climbing hal tour with sleepover
  • April 11, 20:00 Pancake Evening

Toprope cursus:

Required if you do not already have a toprope license.

  • Februari 15, 16:30 Toprope Lesson @ Klimmuur Utrecht
  • Februari 20, 16:30 Toprope Lesson @ Klimmuur Utrecht
  • Februari 22, 16:30 Toprope Exam @ Klimmuur Utrecht


Yearly contribution is 45 euro’s (30 euros if you enroll in the spring). The outdoor introduction weekend (in Belgium or Germany) is approximately 55 euro’s. The Olympas-membership is 160 euro’s (for most students). You can buy this on the USAC-page on the Olympos website ( Only do this after you are a definitive member. This membership is only mandatory in your first year at USAC. It also allows you to join other sports/activities at the university gym. You will need some climbing insurance. In the Netherlands we have the NKBV (Dutch Royal Mountaineering Club). They offer a membership for 44 euro’s and insurance for 39.95 euro’s. For your outdoor weekend we can also offer a temporary insurance but if you plan on climbing outdoor more often, you should have an insurance that covers climbing activities. You can ask board members for further insurance information as an international student as it could differ slightly from what is offered to Dutch members. Starter set If you don’t have any climbing gear yet, klimmuur Utrecht has a climbing starter set especially for USACers. You can purchase this at the climbing wall for €94,50 and it includes the following: Black Diamond Harness Momentum (harness), Jul2 van Edelrid (belaydevice), HMS strike screw Edelrid (karabiner). For €109,-  you also get a chalk bag and a chalk ball.

Cancel membership?

You may cancel your membership in writing or by e-mail to the Ab Actis. Written cancellations should be sent to:

Email address:
Or address: Pnyx Attn: USAC.
Princetonplein 9, 3584 CC Utrecht

The deadline for cancellation is October 1 of the respective year. Until October 1, you are still a member. You will also receive the Rock-In until then and you may participate in all USAC activities. You will receive written confirmation when we receive your letter. If we do not receive your cancellation by October 1, you will automatically be a member for another year.

Honorary Members

The USAC currently has three honorary members: Bas Henzing, Coenraad Doeser and Gido van der Star. These members have a special place within the USAC and do not have to pay dues. They are appreciated for their special services to the association!