Because it is fun and to be able to go into the mountains again in top condition in the summer, there is a lot of running at the USAC. Many USAC members regularly participate in various running events and for many years now a USAC team has appeared at the start of the Batavierenrace and the Hart van Brabantloop. Of course, all SACs run very fanatically to become the fastest-running SAC-of-the-year. But of course it’s all about having a nice BBQ afterwards at the TSAC and drinking beers at the largest student party in Europe. More info at: Batavierenrace website

The Batavieren Race April 28-30, 2023

The USAC has registered for the 2023 Batavierenrace.  Sign up here before 19 februari 2023!

The Batavieren Race 2022 (report)

Thee race

Participating in the Batavierenrace, without anyone from the USAC with previous experience. What can go wrong? Well… I explained that while panting and running on the phone when I found a mistake in our planning. At the Bata everyone runs a stage and with a support car you transport the next riders from exchange point to exchange point. At one change point the car was nowhere to be seen! Conclusion: Illegally racing the tandem to the car to pick up a new rider just in time. The entire night segment felt just as chaotic and adrenaline-filled as that moment and it was fucking cool. Once we crossed the border with Germany we realized what an epic journey we were actually on!

While the energy and hype were still there at 5 am, the rising of the sun was a painful moment. Fortunately, the riders of the morning segment were fresh and fruity, and with the sponsored plangas (photo), ready to take over from us. Time for us to go camping in Enschede and wait anxiously to see how the other USACers will complete the race. Everything went very well here, except for one restart, where we left half an hour later than planned because Maël was still pooping.

The last two stages were completed fantastically by Patrick and Floor! Up to this point, Leo has walked every stage and even though he is now very tired, Floor helps him to win this last stage. Twenty minutes later, Patrick also runs onto the athletics track with… 10 kilograms of climbing equipment on his belt! In 2023 we will take a rope with us and run in climbing shoes that are 2 sizes too small.

TRUUS (TSAC Riders Dinner for Exhausted and Starving SAC’ers)
What cannot be missed at the Batavieren Race is the luxurious TSAC Riders Dinner for Exhausted and Starving SAC members! This BBQ is much more than a sandwich with a burger. No, the TSAC has prepared four dishes in perfect balance, from stewed pear with blue cheese to the freshest salad that gives you the vitamins you need after the past 24 hours. And of course the various SACs are already bonding and getting drunk for the upcoming party!

From the TRUUS we drive with 11 people in Maël’s 7-seater car towards the Bata party. Here are several gigantic tents like you are used to at a festival with DJs in different genres. Dancing all night long with 10,000 other students to bad guilty pleasures and loud electronic music. At the end of the evening, Truusje and Frits and I were squeezed in between other people in line for an “exclusive club” for an hour and a half, only to be told that no one was allowed in anymore. You can’t always roll six.

You do it yourself, my grandmother always says. But it was worth it. With little sleep and still too much alcohol in my blood to pass a breath test, the journey back to Utrecht has to be made. Miraculously, without planning, there is enough space in the cars so that no one has to take public transport! Thanks to heroes Agnes and Jordi, who make the 175km return trip on the tandem with a detour via Germany.

If you are not yet convinced to participate in 2023, then there is no hope for you. Convinced? Register here before February 19!

De Batavierenrace 2019

BATA registration is almost opening! In order to participate in the race, the USAC must first be drawn. We already need a few registrations for the draw itself, so don’t hesitate and sign up!

You can register via the button at the top!

This year’s Batavierenrace takes place from Friday night, April 20, to Sunday morning, April 22, if you include Saturday evening’s party. The relay race starts and ends near Enschede and Nijmegen.

Of course we also want to appear at the start with a full USAC team this year, so register.

Running workouts

Need a training schedule for the Bata? Click HERE for a training schedule. This schedule is aimed at both beginners and advanced runners.

If there is enough interest, a training group will be formed in which the BATA will be jointly pursued.

General fitness training

The fitness training takes place every Wednesday evening from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM in the Olympos sports center! You can always participate, so just go.

Have fun running!

to be with = to experience,

The Batacie/Running Committee