In the USAC Library you can find everything you need for climbing, touring skiing or mountain hiking. From guides and topo’s to training books and stories, from China to Belgium. In principle, the USAC does not provide maps: you have to buy them yourself or borrow them from others.

Want to go on an adventure somewhere and the USAC doesn’t have a recent book of that area? Then chances are that the MatCom will buy the booklet for you on request, as long as more USACers will potentially use it.

The USAC Library is located in the bookcase at the MatCom, make an appointment if you would like to borrow a booklet.

How do I find a guidebook in the library system?

  • Go to the online USAC Library or look below
  • Press ctrl-f to search
  • Use the presorted tabs (at the bottom) to see an overview of specific topics
  • Use the filters (funnel icons near the headings) to filter out specific areas, disciplines or years, for example
  • Contact the MatCom to borrow the booklet
  • Can’t find the guidebook you’re looking for? Then contact the MatCom, he may buy it for you

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