As a USAC member, it is possible to rent equipment through the MatCom. The prices below are per day used. So you can borrow gear for an entire vacation and only pay for the days you actually used it. This does not mean that you can leave them in your closet for another six months.

Mail for reservations to material (at) Do this on time and return the material after use as soon as possible. Use of USAC material is entirely at your own risk. The number of days used must be reported within one week after the agreed return date via rental.

  • Rope* (€1.50)
  • Double rope* (€1.50)
  • Helmet (€0.50)
  • Bivouac bag (€ 0,50)
  • Pickel (€ 0,50)
  • Ice axe (€ 1)
  • Pair of crampons (€ 0.50)
  • Bunch of nuts** (€ 0,50)
  • Bunch of cams** (€ 1,50)
  • Loose cams large sizes, each** (€0.50)
  • Avalanche beep (€2,50)
  • Probe (€0,50)
  • Shovel (€0.50)
  • Crashpad (€1,50)
  • Via ferrata set (€1,50)
  • Ice drill (€ 1)

* Ropes will only be loaned to members with a C2 or OV (outdoor pre-climb) diploma, in strict compliance with the “Rope Rental Manual.”

** For cams and nuts, these will only be loaned to climbing instructors or members with an AK or C2 diploma. This is both for safety reasons and bad use, which causes faster wear of the equipment.

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