What is the NSAC?

NSAC stands for the Dutch Student Alpine Club. The NSAC was founded in 1971 as a sports umbrella organization representing the Student Alpine Clubs (SACs). When you think of the NSAC, you probably think of the DB: the Executive Board. These are 6 to 7 people who are responsible for the implementation of NSAC policy. All SAC boards together form the General Board and major decisions are made in the AB meetings, just like your SAC has a General Members Meeting. As a SAC member you are therefore also, indirectly, a member of the NSAC. However, there is more to do than the DB can handle alone, so they are actively supported by a number of committees. For example, the ZP and WP committee, the SAC server committee, or the Materials committee. More information about the NSAC can be found on our website.

What does the NSAC do?

The NSAC takes care of the purchase of materials from the SACs, finances training activities and interdisciplinary activities, supervises consultations between the training committees, organizes exam weekends and much more. The NSAC also organizes alpine courses and a summer campsite every year.
Simply put, the NSAC performs work in the general interest of the SACs. For example, the SACs represent the NKBV, StudentenSport Nederland and foreign climbing associations. If SACs identify a problem that needs to be addressed broadly, they can ask the NSAC to take care of it.
Activities that are organized by a different SAC every year often fall under the NSAC flag and have their own site. Very well known are:

  • The Battle of the SAC’s (BotS);A 21-hour adventure race that demands everything from the participants.
  • The NSK; The Dutch Student Sports Climbing Championship.
  • The NSKB; The NSK Bouldering.

What can the NSAC do for you?

You can travel with the NSAC. The NSAC organizes courses in both summer and winter. No luxury trips, but an active program that teaches you all the knowledge and safety techniques you need to alpine safely. The offer varies per year, but all disciplines are covered: mountain climbing, ski touring, off-piste skiing, ice climbing and more. For more information, visit our website: Summer (ZP), Winter (WP).
You can also write to the NSAC if you are organizing an activity and would like to receive a subsidy for it. Your activity must then meet a number of conditions, but the most important is that you actively involve other SACs. More information about this can be found here.
Questions? Check our site, or email bestuur@nsac.alpenclub.nl.

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