In the game of assassins, you have three targets, and three players have you as a target. You have no idea of who’s playing the game, except for the three targets that you have. You can kill your targets by hitting them in a non-hurtful way with everyday objects labelled as weapons, such as pens labelled as ‘knife’, climbing shoes labelled as ‘biohazard’ and beeners labelled as ‘toxic’.

Once you kill one of your targets, you report the event to the umpires, after which you will receive a new target. Of course, to be able to defend yourself, you are allowed to kill anyone who’s openly carrying a weapon. Killing other players (not your targets or weapon-carrying players) or breaking other rules may result in you ending up on the wanted list, and staying inactive for too long can result in you ending up on the incompetence list. In both cases, other players are allowed to kill you, as well as the non-playing police force (we will come to hunt you!).

This is the short version of the rules to get the gist of the game across. A more complete set of rules can be found at:, most notably there is a list of locations/situations in which killing is not allowed (so-called ‘out-of-bounds’). Note that some rules are somewhat different for this USAC version of the game, namely:
•⁠ ⁠The email address of the umpires is
•⁠ ⁠The list of out-of-bounds locations is different for this game, see below.


Report from Bubbles007:

Katinka, what a strategy to give your address, but not mention that the doorbell doesn’t work. After an initial miss of my pocket knife you still met your end bleeding in the hallway, under the nose of your confused housemates. Will they ever recover from this scare? Greetings from Bubbles007

From the afterlife of Piglet (Katharina/Katy):

Piglet has died in a vicious attack by the wind. The scene was set by the piglet itself when it agreed to go on a run weeks before the piglet had even been created. Unfortunately for the piglet, said run happened mere days after the attacker had chosen its target: the piglet.
On the search of a bridge, the piglet and the attacker arrived at a peninsula surrounded by water spiked with a plethora of screaming geese.
And so the piglet found itself between said screaming geese swimming towards it with what can only be assumed to be maximum goose speed and a murderous attacker who wasted no time pulling their gun. Admittedly, one can presume dying by means of a water gun to be preferable to a death via goose.
After what can only be assumed to be halfhearted apologies from the attacker and the promise that the occurrence of the run’s date and the attacker receiving their target was purely coincidental, the run continued with only one outcome:
The piglet needn’t be degraded to piglet stupid, but at the very least to piglet quite unfortunate.

Report from Bubbles007:

First reconaissance has been done. Attempted to attack two of my targets: Umpa Lumpa and Wee Beastie. Oh, how your housemate’s innocence almost gave you away. Never open the door for a stranger, it might cost you your life. x Bubbles007

Report from Pindakaas:

Bigboi (Erben) has been killed by its own weapon through the ingenuity of Pindakaas

  • Klimmuur Utrecht and Mountain Network Nieuwegein during USAC times (KMU at 16:00 – 20:00, the whole of the vlampijpstraat. MNU at 16:30 – 20:30, the whole parking lot)
  • USAC activities (Tuesday evening drinks, accie, climbing weekends, alpentraining, gala) are in bounds when heading to and leaving from.
  • Anyone in a motorized vehicle 
  • Common sense (hospitals, stay quiet in libraries, don’t look too suspicious in a bank, anyone engaged in an activity that would be dangerous if it didn’t have their full attention)
  • All of London (this one rarely comes into play)
  • Anyone working a real job (working from home does not count, but be reasonable with video calls)
  • Lecture theatres (labs)